Home Detective Company

Home Detective Company has offered complete recovery services since 1922. We pride ourselves in remaining the front runner of an ever-changing industry for 88 years. Today, debtors search for every opportunity to do legal battle. Don't take a chance! Choose the recovery firm that measures agent experience in years, not days!

From our 12 locations throughout the state we provide complete coverage of North Caroline as well as eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia, northern South Carolina, and southern Virginia.

Get the ball rolling...

Send your assignment and have HDC's team get to work for you. We strive to reacquire your collateral within 48 hours. Once recovered you quickly receive a condition report for the unit. On those tough ones, our skip tracng department has over 20 years experience at finding the needle in the haystack. Track the recovery process through our timely updates. Finally, allow HDC remarketing to liquidate the unit and recover more of your initial investment.


Home Detective Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 18137
Greensboro, NC 27419

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